Hawaii trip wrap

21 04 2012

It was nice to get away, even if for a week. This trip was the first time I took a holiday in almost two years.

So the family and I stayed in Honolulu for three days, four nights. On the first day, my siblings and I walked through a residential neighbourhood to get to a Whole Foods, and we stumbled across a car with this vanity plate. A total random find, but it was an early highlight of the trip:

Vanity Hawaiian license plate - "MCLOVN"


We also visited the Polynesian Cultural Center and the USS Arizona Memorial at Pearl Harbor.

We then flew to the Big Island, where we stayed at a townhouse in Waikoloa for four days and three nights. Our first night was at a luau, and it was situated right by the shore, and we were positioned for a great sunset:

Sunset at Kailua-Kona, Big Island, Hawaii

Kona Sunset

The rest of the time involved beer tastings (the Big Island has a couple of great breweries), walking around in Kailua-Kona (the seaside Ali’i Drive closed down for an open market on Sunday afternoon), and taking pictures. Some of the best ones I’ve posted on my flickr, but my sister did take one of me avoiding a rogue wave that Sunday.


Some pictures from Hawaii

13 04 2012

Finally, a bit of downtime! This is my first real holiday in two years, hence the long gap between posts to this blog.

It’s a family holiday to Hawaii, and the first half on Oahu is complete. It will be on to the Big Island in the morning.

Until I sort out the photos (taken from three different cameras) when I get back, here are some select ones:

Hawaiian vanity license plate: MCLOVN

MCLOVN - a totally random find on a walk through a residential neighbourhood in Honolulu.

A view from the north shore of Oahu

A view from the north shore of Oahu

Palm trees at Pearl Harbor

Palm trees at Pearl Harbor