Some pictures from Hawaii

13 04 2012

Finally, a bit of downtime! This is my first real holiday in two years, hence the long gap between posts to this blog.

It’s a family holiday to Hawaii, and the first half on Oahu is complete. It will be on to the Big Island in the morning.

Until I sort out the photos (taken from three different cameras) when I get back, here are some select ones:

Hawaiian vanity license plate: MCLOVN

MCLOVN - a totally random find on a walk through a residential neighbourhood in Honolulu.

A view from the north shore of Oahu

A view from the north shore of Oahu

Palm trees at Pearl Harbor

Palm trees at Pearl Harbor


Trip pictures!

28 09 2008

(My banner picture has now been updated, to reflect the inspiration for this blog’s title…)

It’s taken a bit of time (thanks jet lag + cold!), not to mention plowing through almost 2000 pictures that remained in my camera’s SD cards (through some fancy math I calculated I actually took about 2400, but deleted the rubbish ones not worth keeping), but the best pictures from my trip are uploaded to my flickr.

When you click the link, you’ll find five sets (albums). Within each set, you can click on individual pictures to see a full version, or click “Slideshow” on the top right to see all the photos… just as the name says.

I believe only flickr members can comment directly on the pictures, but if you don’t want to be bothered to sign up, leave comments here, or to my personal e-mail.

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